This is a fictitious blog which is part of Justus Roux’s Master Series

Rose is a reporter who briefly stepped into this BDSM community. Her photographer Jacob joined her on this journey. Their story is chronicled in the book “Master Nikolai” Though, her and Jacob weren’t suited to this lifestyle, the lifestyle still fascinates them.

With Xanthos permission Rose will continue her study of this community. Her unique prospective of an outsider looking in, fascinates Xanthos. She will periodically write down with her and Jacob find out in this blog

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Master Dante’s home

I feel nervous as hell as I wait in the limo. I didn’t want my husband or Jacob coming with me here. Master Dante is very unpredictable, which of course makes me even more nervous. Dante’s submissive Apollo is coming over to the limo. I have to admit he is a very handsome man. He has the same presence as his Master but to a lesser extent of course. He scares the crap out of me too.

Apollo leads me into Dante’s mansion. My pulse quickens as we enter the foyer. I keep my eyes fixated on Apollo. I like the way he moves. It’s like watching a jungle cat. His body is perfect, strong, masculine. He stops abruptly in front of two large doors. My eyes are drawn to the carvings of Zeus and Jupiter on the door.

There is a strange tension in the air, though I have no idea what has brought in on. Apollo seems on edge as he talks with the large ebony, male named Habu who has come out from behind the large doors. I can’t make it what they are saying. Apollo gestures for me to follow him. I can feel Habu’s eyes on me. My breathing quickens the moment I hear Dante’s voice. He is clearly agitated by something. Oh great, this wasn’t a good time to show up. All I can make out is Dante saying something about Bazil and a Mistress named Lilith, and that he knows what Lilith is up to. What puzzles me is the strange look he gives to Apollo, which doesn’t go unnoticed by Apollo.

Dante: What do you want with me, bitch?

I am unable to speak for a moment. Dante’s voice is low and a bit gravelly, and most certainly intimidating. I look over to Apollo as he starts to laugh. Apollo’s laughter seems to calm Dante down a bit.

Apollo: She is speechless, Master.

Dante: By what Drake has told me, this bitch being speechless is rare.

I muster up all my courage. My pride won’t let me just stay here and take this.

Rose: Thank you for allowing me to stay in your home, Master Dante

Dante gestures for Apollo to leave. He walks over to a small bar and pours himself a drink.

Rose: You get bad news?

I can’t stop myself from asking.

Dante: It’s none of your business. So what exactly do you want from me?

Rose: I want to get to know more about your lifestyle. If I could speak with some of your submissives…

Dante: My slaves, you mean. I don’t refer to them as submissives.

Rose: I’m sorry. If I could speak with your slaves. Master Drake had to oversee everything and he pretty much kept an eye on me when I was with his submissives…

Dante: I’m not Drake. You better get that clear or you are in for a long week. I don’t give a shit if you speak with my slaves. If you upset them then I will have a problem.

Rose: I would like to speak with Bazil first since he is your favorite.

Dante sighed loudly and that look on his face sent a shiver through my body. He downs his drink and walks over to me.

Dante: Emerald!

His voice boomed through the room and within moments a beautiful oriental woman appears

Emerald: Master.

I watch the elegant way Emerald comes down to her knees in front of Dante. It was an arousing sight and I quickly try to think of something else to distract myself.

Dante: Take this bitch to a guest room.

Emerald: Yes Master.

I see Emerald shiver when Dante runs his hand down her silky hair as she comes up to her feet.

Emerald: Please follow me.

Rose: I would like to talk with you, Master Dante.

Dante: Not now.

Rose: Can I speak with Bazil?

Dante said nothing and gestures for Emerald to go. Emerald gently grabs my arm and leads me out of the room.

Emerald: When Master wishes for you to speak with Bazil he will send him to your room. I would advise not trying Master’s patience today.

Rose: Why not? What happened?

Emerald: I don’t know what happened, but he got very angry when Mistress Lilith called. Trust me, now is not the time to further flame his anger.

I decided to take Emerald’s advice. The room she took me to was very nice. She left almost right away. No doubt, she didn’t want to speak with me without her Master’s permission. The vibe of Dante’s house is very different than Drake’s had been. I hope over this next week I will understand why.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Rage: I got in here before Pleasure did and I tied that little bitch Rose up. I put a gag on her too. At least now she will shut the fuck up for a moment. Why is this shit so important to you, bitch? Oh, that’s right you can’t talk with that gag on. You want to know about me and why I stay with Master Drake. Well, let me make this easy. I love my Master. I respect my Master. I will never leave my Master. How I got here is not of little consequence nor should it be. All I know is that I have found where I belong. And the fact that Master allows me to have Brenda all to myself, well that makes me doubly blessed.

Pleasure: Rage, what the hell are you doing?

Rage: Damn it Pleasure, don’t untie the bitch.

Rose: You fucking asshole. Don’t touch me again.

Rage: You wanted to talk to me, this is what you get. You know the thing I don’t understand is why some of Master’s pets find the need to leave Master. Why would you leave? Master is the best master in this damn community.

Pleasure: I’m assuming you are talking about my brother Blake.

Rage: Especially him. He left you and Master. What the hell is up with that?

Pleasure: I think you are pissed because he left you as well. He didn’t leave any of us. He just followed his heart. He can’t help that he fell in love with Master Rex.

Rage: You are too fucking nice. Why aren’t you as pissed as I am?

Pleasure: How could I be after everything my brother has done for me.

Rage: Whatever. Hey where did that bitch go?

Drake: Rage!

Pleasure: I would say she went and got Master.

Drake: Rage, what did I tell you about tying up the unwilling.

Rage: She was willing. Check her pussy. I’m guessing its sopping wet.

Drake: Rage, get to your room I will deal with your punishment later. Pleasure, you can go too. Your wife is looking for you.

Pleasure: Yes Master.

Drake: I warned you that you should of had me in here when you talked with Rage.

Rose: Yes, you did. I should have listened.

Drake: Though, I believe he is right about that turning you on. Perhaps you should have your husband tie you up and…

Rose: Alright that’s enough about that. I want to thank you for allowing my husband and me to stay with you as well as allowing Jacob to spend time with Leon.

Drake: I take it you are leaving now. Don’t let what Rage did…

Rose: It will take more than that to scare me off. I have made arrangements to go to Master Dante’s home next. I have taken up a lot of your time. I would like to return later on in the year and speak with some more of your pets if that is alright.

Drake: You are always allowed on my island.

Rose: Thank you again. Drake has left. I’m going to miss this island. It is very peaceful. I have a feeling that Drake will be the easiest Master to interview. I have to confess I am nervous about going to Master Dante’s home. He is the Master of Pain after all. I’m hoping Bazil will kind of shield me from his Master. I’m not taking my husband with me or Jacob for that matter. I’m going alone. I guess I better pack.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Today I’m going to speak with Mystic and Desire, two of Master Drake’s female pets. Both of them at the moment are fawning over Master Drake. I’m sure he is telling them how to handle my questions, but the way they are rubbing themselves all over him I don’t think they are listening.

Being here at Master Drake’s island is peaceful. There seems to be a calmness to everything, which is very strange considering all the fucking that goes on around here. The sounds of sex are everywhere, and yet, on this island these sounds seem as natural as the sounds the birds make outside.

Looks like I’m speaking to Desire first.

Rose: Hello Desire

Desire: Hello

Rose: I couldn’t help but notice how affectionate you are towards your Master.

Desire: I can’t help myself. I have to touch him whenever he is near me.

Rose: But you tend to favor being with women

Desire: I like pussy a lot. But nothing compares to Master’s cock.

Rose: What brought you here to this island?

Desire: It’s more of a who. Michael brought me here. I used to be a stripper, I had to pay the bills somehow. Michael told me about Master Drake. I was intrigued so I came here. I fell in love the first time I laid eyes on Master. He is the only man I have ever loved.

Rose: Do you like sharing him?

Desire: I would be lying if I said I was thrilled about it. Master is there when I need him that is all that matters to me. I have to go now. It was nice talking to you.

Rose: I enjoyed talking to you as well. Desire seems like the most well adjusted pet Drake has so far. Mystic is on her way in and as usual Drake is waiting just outside.

Mystic: Hello Rose

Rose: Hello Mystic. Thank you for talking to me.

Mystic: Your husband is so hot. Why don’t we have a threesome later?

Rose: I will have to ask him. How did you come to be with Master Drake?

Mystic: Michael brought me here. I owe him a lot.

Rose: Why?

Mystic: I was someone’s slave once. Not in the sense that Apollo is Master Dante’s slave or that Blake is Master Rex’s slave. I was forced against my will to serve a man. I don’t want to get into too much detail. Master is worried about me talking about this. But to make a long story short, Master Xanthos saved a lot of women from the heartless bastard who use to own me. He trained the ones who were meant to be submissive and he got therapy for the ones who weren’t. Four women were trained and given to four different Masters. I can’t tell you anymore about that. I was sent to Michael to be trained for Master Drake. Master Xanthos said Master was the best man for me and he was so right.

Rose: How did Master Xanthos find out about the slave ring?

Mystic: I don’t really know. I don’t really care either. He saved me and gave me to Master, that’s all I care about.
Drake: That’s enough Rose.

Rose: Thank you for talking with me. Drake, may I speak with you alone for a moment. Drake is caressing Mystic, no doubt to bring her some comfort. He is actually coming back in here.

Drake: what do you want to know?

Rose: Mystic said that Xanthos sent three other women to different Masters. Do you know who those Masters were?

Drake: What does it matter?

Rose: I would really like to know. I think I might have painted the wrong picture of Xanthos in my mind.

Drake: The first impression of Xanthos is usually wrong. He has many layers to him, some bad, some good. As far as those other Masters, let’s see, I believe Dante, Rex and Nikolai were asked to take the other three.

Rose: Do you know the names of the women?

Drake: I wouldn’t tell you if I did. I don’t like Mystic talking about this, so please don’t bring it up again. She is very happy here and that is all that matters.

Rose: You are right. May I speak with Pleasure and Rage next

Drake: If they want to speak with you, you have my permission to do so.

Rose: Drake has left the room. He does have such a presence about him. I have to admit that. Well, I’m off to find Pleasure and Rage.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Entry 4

Master Drake has allowed me to speak to Jet and Tryton. To be honest I was surprised by this. I thought for sure I would be ticking Master Drake off by now. What was more surprising was that Master Drake asked Jet and Tryton whether they wanted to talk to me and when they said yes, that was when he allowed it. I was under the impression that whatever the Master said, whether the submissive liked it or not, was the way it was. Not in Master Drake’s case. Sure he can be bossy in my opinion, of course I have a problem with people telling me what to do. I truly believe that everything Master Drake does is for his submissives. Knowing that and if you were inclined to be submissive…what I’m saying is I can see why Master Drake’s submissives follow him pretty much without question. There is such a level of trust here that I rarely see.

Anyways, I’m talking to Jet first. He is the newest of Master Drake’s pets.

Rose: Hello Jet, thank you for talking with me.

Jet: No problem

Rose: I can see your Master is not too far away. Does that bother you?

Jet: Bother me? Why in the hell would it bother me knowing my Master is protecting me?

Rose: I’m sorry…anyways… is it true you were Master Dante’s first?

Jet: I was never Master Dante’s submissive

Rose: But you were living with Dante first.

Jet: So. I didn’t ask to be given to Master Dante, nor would I ever want to be with him.

Rose: Angelique acquired you for Master Dante, isn’t this true?

Jet. Master….

Drake: What’s wrong my pet?

Jet: I don’t want to do this…

Drake: What did you do?

Rose: I was just asking him about Master Dante.

Drake: Go to my room, Jet.

Rose: I wasn’t done asking him questions

Drake: Yes you are. I warn you not to upset Tryton.

Rose: I will have to find out why Jet seems to really dislike Master Dante. Hello Tryton…you are so darn cute.

Tryton: Thank you

Rose: You are one of Master Drake’s newest pets, is this correct?

Tryton: Yes. It’s been a little over a year…I think…you tend to lose track of time on this island. I mean that in a good way. Michael brought me to the island. I trained with Gina…who is now Michael’s submissive.

Rose: Do you like it here?

Tryton: Oh yes. I love my Master. He has been very patient with me

Rose: Patient?

Tryton: I tend to get a bit too eager. When I get horny I just seem to lose myself. My Master said this isn’t a bad thing, but it could be a dangerous thing.

Rose: Why is that?

Tryton: Somebody could take me beyond my limits. I want so much to please that I will pretty much do what is asked of me. Master is teaching me to control that need or at least rein it in a bit.

Rose: Why do you think you do that?

Tryton: I’m not comfortable talking about the reason why.

Rose: Have you discussed this with your Master?

Tryton: At first no. But…it’s like he knew me, knew why I was the way I am. It was a bit scary at first. However, now I’m grateful to my Master for making me face my demons. He has provided me with professionals to help me with my issues. He has spent countless hours just letting me talk everything out.

Rose: I suppose you won’t get into details about this.

Tryton: I’m not comfortable talking about it to anyone but Master and my therapist

Rose: Do you see yourself ever leaving your Master

Tryton: No! I love my Master. I don’t want to be anywhere but here.

Rose: Do you get along with his other pets?

Tryton: Yes, though I’m not allowed to be around some of them, because of my…issues.

Drake: That’s enough, my pet.

Tryton: It was nice talking to you, Rose.

Rose: Same here, Tryton.

Drake: I want a word with you, Rose. Go to your room, Tryton

Rose: What is it? Your pet is no longer in the room.

Drake: Don’t you dare dig into Tryton’s past. Do you hear me? If I find out that you have posted anything about his past…

Rose: I understand what you are getting at.

Drake: Good. You and your husband can stay longer if you wish. Jacob asked to spend more time with Leon, and I have allowed it.

Rose: Would you mind if I speak with some more of your pets. Maybe even with Jessica.

Drake: That is up to them.

Rose: I would like to speak with Desire and Mystic next if that would be alright.

Drake: I will ask them. For now, go spend some time with your husband. My female pets are doing their best to seduce him. I have told them he is off limits, so they won’t physically touch him. However, my pets know how to seduce without touching.

Rose: Thanks for the warning.

I better go find my husband. I trust him, so I’m not worried about it. But if they have got him all good and horny I want to take advantage of that, lol.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Master Drake has been gracious enough to allow me and Jacob to stay at his island for a bit longer. This island is beautiful, my husband and I are really enjoying it, and Jacob is enjoying his time with Leon. Master Drake has also allowed us to speak with his pet Affection. The best word to describe her is lively. Jacob is taken with her. It’s so cute he acts like a little puppy around her. Master Drake is standing nearby, keeping a close eye on his pet.

Rose: Hello Affection. Thank you for taking the time to speak with me.

Affection: I love talking about my Master. Rose, I must say, your husband is really freaking hot. Would you mind if I played with him later?

Rose: I’m afraid my husband and my relationship is more traditional.

Affection: Too bad.

Rose: When did you become Master Drake’s pet?

Affection: The moment I laid eyes on him. That was…wow, that was a long time ago. Michael found me or should I say I found Michael.

Rose: Found Michael?

Affection: Michael was looking for some female pets for Master. Usually, Master Xanthos is the one who helps Michael find suitable submissives. But this time I sought Michael out. My friend knew of Master Xanthos and her Master at the time was Master Talon. That’s how she heard about Michael. It’s a long story. She told me about Michael. She was hot for him. Oh my God, she went on and on about him to the point she pissed Master Talon off. I guess he overheard one of her phone conversations with me. Master Talon gave her back to Master Xanthos…that’s another story. My friend isn’t in this lifestyle anymore. Last I heard she was married and had a couple of kids.

Rose: I’m assuming you found Michael.

Affection: Yep. Damn that man can fuck. Not as good as Master can, but darn close. I found out Michael was going to be at this strip club, this is where he found Desire and shortly afterwards Lust. He looked just as good as my friend described him as. I made a beeline for him and use my charms to seduce him. What a wild weekend we had.

Rose: How did you end up with Master Drake?

Affection: Michael had Desire come to his house and I heard him talking to her about Master. I was intrigued and asked if I could be trained as a submissive too. He said Master would love me, more to the point love my tits.

Rose: You do have nice breasts.

Affection: Thank you. I figured the worse thing could happen is I didn’t like being a submissive and I would just go home. Michael brought us to this island.

Rose: Why do you keep glancing back at your Master? Are you afraid he will get angry about what you are going to tell me?

Affection: I’m not worried about Master getting angry. I love looking at him. Thinking about that first day I saw him. It was love at first sight. I was so overwhelmed by his presence…it’s more than the fact that he is incredibly hot. You know what I’m talking about don’t you?
Rose: Master Drake does have more than his share of charisma

Affection: I never been around a man who makes me feel the way he does. I want to serve him, to see to his happiness. I want to be the best I can be, for him. After all these years I still feel that way when I look at him.

Rose: Why did he name you Affection?

Affection: He told me that is what I radiated from the inside…affection.

Master Drake: What’s wrong, my pet?

Affection: I was just telling Rose how I got my name.

Master Drake: You have spent enough time with my Affection, Rose.

Rose: Drake has taken Affection out of the room. The way she looked at him…you could see how much she loves her Master. All of Master Drake’s pets look at him like that. He is very charismatic, but still, how can he give all of his pets what they need. And yet, they all seem very happy. Jacob told me that Affection radiates life. I can see what he means. You can’t help but have your mood be lifted when you are around her. She has been with Drake for several years. I believe she came here shortly after Rapture and Beauty. I’m hoping to see if Master Drake will let me speak to his newest pets Jet and Tryton. I will wait until tomorrow to ask him. Right now, I want to find my husband and go down to that waterfall. This island is so beautiful and peaceful.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I really wanted to look into the fact that everyone in this community seems to have some issues. We all have our issues, but some of the people in this community have some really serious ones.

However, getting any of these dominants to talk about this is like pulling teeth. Here is part of the interview I did with Master Drake.

Rose: Hello Master Drake. Thank you for taking the time to speak with me.

Drake: I agreed to this so Jacob could visit with Leon for a little while.

Rose: Thank you for allowing that.

Drake: Leon wanted to see him. Leon isn’t one of my pets. Let me make that perfectly clear.

Rose: But he is with your pet Ecstasy. Is that correct?

Drake: Yes. Let’s keep this about me.

Rose: Fair enough. I was speaking with Xanthos earlier. He is the man who trained you isn’t he?

Drake: Yes he is.

Rose: Is it fair to say that Xanthos introduced you into this lifestyle?

Drake: He trained me, but it was my own curiosity and need that brought me into this lifestyle.

Rose: Have you always been the dominant?

Drake: All dominants usually start out by submitting. My first real experience into this lifestyle was with a woman who thought she was a dominant. Xanthos saw my true nature and began training me as a dominant.

Rose: Were you Xanthos’ submissive?

Drake: No. I did submit to Xanthos but it was part of my training.

Rose: He stated that he had to let you go. What did he mean by that?

Drake: Xanthos started treating me as a lover not a pupil. I’m guessing he was afraid of his feelings for me so he let me go, which turned out to be for the best. I’m meant to be a dominant and so to is Xanthos, it would have never worked out.

Rose: Is it true that Xanthos was also training Dante at the same time?

Drake: You will have to ask Dante about that.

Rose: Why do you give your pets such unusual names?

Drake: It’s to protect them. I do have clients come to my island.

Rose: I have a question about some of your pets.

Drake: You will have to ask them any questions.

Rose: You are their Master. I just had a question about your Rage and Ecstasy. Both of them had pretty dramatic pasts….

Drake: I will not discuss that with you. My pets’ past is just that their past. I want to leave it that way. I think this is over.

Rose: Well, this is just great Drake just walked out of the room. Damn it…like I said getting any of these dominants to talk about their submissives is a real pain. I hope Jacob is enjoying his time with Leon. Oh shit…

Rage: What the fuck are you nosing around my past about?

Rose: This is Drake’s pet Rage. He is the S&M expert on Drake’s island.

Rage: Shut that fucking thing off.

Rose: Why are you so angry?

Rage: You have upset my Master and no one does that. Stop digging around my past or any of Master’s pets. Do you hear me, bitch?

Rose: Oh thank goodness Drake just came back and told Rage to leave me alone. That Rage is one scary looking man. He is obviously very protective of his Master. I guess this ends this interview.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Before I can get in-depth about this community, I really feel I must give an overview of it. This particular BDSM community is rather wide-reaching. It has many branches to it.
Xanthos founded this community when he was only twenty-one years old. So, I will start the interview process with him.

Rose: Hello Xanthos, thank you for taking the time to talk with me.

Xanthos: You are lucky I am after you managed to get out of our arrangement. You have Nikolai to thank for that. I hear you are dating his brother…

Rose: This is not about me. My first question would have to be, why did you start this community?

Xanthos: I wanted some playmates at first. It’s hard to find other people who enjoy the same kinks I do. So I guess you can say it was purely selfish reasons I started this whole thing.

Rose: What changed that?

Xanthos: Seeing the need for this kind of community. There had to be a place to play safely. As you know there are plenty of scumbags out there just wanting to take advantage of the naïve.

Rose: That is true. Let’s skip ahead. Why did you train Master Drake?

Xanthos: He was special. He had a gift. I knew Drake’s parents. When they died…

Rose: So you started to train Drake at a very young age.

Xanthos: I took Drake from another dominant. He deserved better and I gave him better. He stayed with me for several years. I let him go because I needed him too much. I named him a Master. I believe he acquired that island of his shortly afterwards.

Rose: Needed him too much?

Xanthos: I will not get into that with you. I will only say I love Drake. I always will.

Rose: What about Master Dante?

Xanthos: That, my dear, is none of your business.

Rose: Alright, moving on. Are you happy with how the community you founded is growing?

Xanthos: Very much so. I hope it continues to grow.

Rose: I sense a change in your demeanor all of a sudden. Is there something wrong?

Xanthos: I will have to cut this interview short.

Rose: Xanthos has just walked out of this interview

Jacob: You shouldn’t have mentioned Master Drake to him.

Rose: Drake was one of the first Masters Xanthos formally trained. It seemed like a reasonable question.

Jacob: That dude has got it bad for Master Drake. I feel bad for him.

Rose: Jacob…oh well, I will try and talk to Xanthos later.

Jacob: I can’t believe you brought up Master Dante to him. You really need to come at this with a different approach.

Rose: Yeah, you are right. I really wanted to ask Xanthos why does it seem like everyone in his community has some serious baggage.

Jacob: You should have led with that question.

Rose: I will get him to come back. I think I will try and get an interview with Master Drake next. Maybe you can talk with Leon while I’m doing that.

Jacob: That would be nice.